Truck Loader

Truck Loader is an entertaining game based on physics with 24 levels to complete. The object of the game is to load the truck with boxes in the correct order and pattern. This can be a very educational game for children as young as 5, as gets them to think about how to achieve the final goal in the fastest way possible.

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  • Arrow Keys – to move around
  • A,S,D,F Keys – to move around
  • Space Bar – to flip machine over if you get turned upside down. Also can be used to go to the next level when you complete a level
  • Mouse – activate magnet and move magnet arm


The object of Truck Loader is to correctly load the truck with the boxes provided in the correct pattern and direction. Some levels include fragile boxes that you should try not to break. Other levels include boxes with “This Way Up” arrows. For these boxes, you will need to ensure the boxes are pointing the correct direction, as well as are placed on the truck in the correct pattern within the yellow outline.


There are 24 levels to complete in this fun and entertaining educational game. Each level gets increasingly harder than the last. Here’s a few examples of what you can expect when you play Truck Loader:

Level 1 – This level gives you the basic idea of how to move your vehicle around and how the game is played. In this level, you need to push the box onto the truck all the way to the yellow outline.

Level 2 – This level introduces the use of the magnet on your vehicle, and how to use it. You need to use the magnet and click on Box 1 (located near the wall) to activate the magnet. Once you’ve activated the magnet, it will pick up the box so that you can move it to the other side of your vehicle. Place Box 1 on top of Box 2, then push both boxes into the yellow outline inside the truck to complete the level.

Level 3 – This level introduces the use of buttons located on the floor. You will need to use your magnet to pick up the small box, then place the box onto the button on the floor to release the larger box overhead. Then, push both boxes into the truck and within the outline.

Level 4 – This level gets a bit trickier. You need to roll your vehicle over the green button to open the first door. Go through the first door and pick up the small box with your magnet. Place the small box onto the orange button to hold open the second door. Go through the second door and roll over the blue button to lower the elevator. Once the elevator is lowered, roll onto the elevator to ride it up to the top. At the top, roll off the elevator and move all of the boxes onto the box as indicated in the yellow outline. Make sure the special boxes are pointing the correct way by looking at the arrows on the boxes.

Now, we don’t want to give away all of the details to every level and spoil the surprise, so you will just have to play the game to find out the rest!

We will say this, though. If you get stuck on a level, there are video walkthroughs available on YouTube to help you.


There’s only a couple settings available for the user to adjust to play comfortably. If you or your child does not like the music available on the game, you can turn it off. Additionally, you can turn on or off the sound effects to make the game more enjoyable to play.


Good luck!

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