Truck Loader 5 Walkthrough

Truck Loader 5 is an addictive and entertaining test of fine motor skills and problem solving skills. However, even the best need a little helping hand sometimes. This walkthrough is designed to help you through the first few levels of Truck Loader 5.

Level 1 – The basics

The first level introduces you to the basic key functions needed to play the game. Since this is a 2-player game, it will teach both first and second players which keys to use to make the vehicle do what they want it to do. Use the A, S, D, F buttons or the arrow keys on your keyboard to move the vehicle to the left near the first box. Using the left mouse button, activate the magnet to pick up the box. Carry the box to the truck and place it within the yellow outline. Do the same for the second box, then back out of the truck to allow the truck to leave.

Level 2 – Jumping for excitement

Level 2 introduces you to how to make your vehicle jump. This level requires you to place 3 boxes inside the truck. Push the first box into position on the truck by moving your vehicle to the right. Next, using the magnetic arm, pick up the second box next to the far left wall and stack it inside the truck as indicated by the yellow outline. Finally, back out of the truck then use your space bar to jump to the upper platform to grab the third box. Once you’ve grabbed it, fall down and place the box inside the truck within the yellow outline.

Level 3 – It’s on!

Now that you’ve completed the first two levels, and have a basic knowledge of how the controls work, it’s game time! Pick up the first box located next to the far left wall and carry it into the truck. Next, jump onto the platform, then the second platform to grab the second box. Carry the second box back down to the first platform and lay it on the green button located on the ground of the platform. This button will activate an extendable platform to come out of the wall on the right side, as well as drop a box onto the extendable platform. Grab the third box and carry it down to the truck, placing it in its designated location. Go back and grab the second box and carry it to the truck.

Level 4 –Platforms galore

In this level, you need to jump from platform to platform pushing each button. The buttons cause a box to drop onto the platform, so you will need to jump all the way to the top, push the button, fall to the next level and push the button, and so on. Once you’ve pushed all of the buttons, go back up and toss the boxes down. Be careful! Some of the boxes are fragile. If they do more damage than just a crack, you will be short a box and will not be able to complete the level! Once all boxes are lowered, you can begin placing them on the truck in the correct order.

Level 5 – This side up

In level 5, you need to make sure that all the boxes are pointing the correct way when you load the truck. All of the boxes will have an arrow showing you which way they should be placed in the truck.  Pick up the first box, and turn it so that the arrows point to the left. Be careful not to break the box while you are turning it! Back out of the truck, then jump onto the first platform. Drive backward until your vehicle presses the button on the far left wall. This button will make a box fall from above. Grab that box and take it to the ground level. Turn it so that the arrows point to the right of the screen. Jump back onto the first platform, then jump to the second platform and roll to the far right wall so your vehicle rolls over the red button on the platform floor. This button will make another box drop from above. Pick up that box and carry it to the ground floor, then place it on top of the other two boxes so that it is within the yellow outline.


This walkthrough gives you a basic idea of what the first 5 levels of the game are like, and how to complete each level. We will include additional levels to this article for you at a later date.

Enjoy playing Truck Loader 5!

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