Smartphone Games Vs. PC Games

In the past, most people played games on their PC. But these days, smartphones are cheap, fast, and very smart. That’s why more and more people spend hours each day playing games on their smartphones. There are tens of thousends of mobile games that can be downloaded for free.


The most popular mobile operating systems are iOS and Android. Most mobile games are developed for these platforms. Many Flash game developers understand the importance of mobile gaming, and therefore develop mobile versions of their games as well.

Mobile game development is not cheap at all. For example – take a look at the mad day game. In order to make it playable on smartphones, the developer will have to code everything all over again, or hire someone to do it for him. There are many mobile game coders and developers out there, but that does not make things cheaper.

Some people don’t like playing games on their smartphone because of the screen size. PC screens are big, and in most cases – provide better image quality than smartphones. There are many smartphones out there with a big screen, but even they are not big enough for some gamers. One solution that some use is special cables that allow you to connect your smartphone to the TV and use it as a screen. It is a good solution in my opinion, but not all people will find it easy enough to setup and use. It does take time to connect everything.

Another interesting thing is the decreased popularity of mobile consoles like PSP and Nintendo DS. In the past they were best sellers, but when smartphones appeared, it really made them useless. Why would anyone buy a mobile game console for hundreds of dollars, when he can get thousends of games for free to his smartphone? It just does not make sense.  Besides that, it is important to mention that most PSP and Nintendo DS games cost money (and they are not cheap), while most mobile games out there are free or super cheap (many cost a dollar or two).


So, what do you think? do you prefer playing games on your PC or smartphone? comment below and let us know. If I would have to bet – I would say that most people nowadays prefer playing smaller games on their smartphone, and bigger games (like GTA for example) on their PC because of the screen size.

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