Truck Loader 5


Truck Loader 5 is here! 2017 version –  play now for free! The fifth series of the famous game comes packed with many great new features. The game’s concept is still the same; your job is to complete each level by successfully loading the cargo truck. Sounds easy, but anyone who has played the previous version of Truck Loader knows that things aren’t always as easy as they seem! Let’s take a look at what this version offers to their gaming fans.

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New Features

Truck Loader 5 comes with some cool new features including a “High Scores” board and a “Share on Facebook” button. The High Scores board offers an additional challenge for players to try to knock off the top player’s high scores and claim it for their own! Do you have what it takes to maintain the number 1 spot?

Sharing the game on Facebook allows users to share their scores for each level with their Facebook friends. This allows users to engage with their friends with the game, much like other Facebook games, as well as personally challenge your friends to try to beat your score!

Finally, the most exciting new feature available on Truck Loader 5 is the multiplayer option. The game is finally a 2-player game! Parents, this means both of your children can play the game together! Since the use of the mouse is necessary to play the game, in order to guide the magnetic arm and activate the magnet, the game is set up so that player 1 plays a level first, then player 2 has a turn. At the end of each players turn, the score is totaled. Once both players’ turns are completed for the same level, and the second player’s score has been totaled, a second screen will appear showing who won the competition and the winners score.


For the cheater in us all

Ok, so not everyone cheats, that’s a fact. However, sometimes everyone needs a little help! So, for those who get stuck on a level, there are video walkthroughs available on YouTube, as well as walkthrough articles giving step by step instructions on how to beat each level.

For those of you who do cheat… there are websites floating around the internet that have hacked the game to allow for cheating privileges to the user. The hacks include instant level complete codes and double score codes, as well as several others!

Age Appropriate

This game is appropriate for children aged 6 years old and older. Due to the fine motor skills needed to complete each level, as well as the problem solving skills needed, children younger than the age of 6 may find it too difficult to play with enjoyment.



As in the previous versions, you can adjust the music and sound effects by toggling them on or off. Additionally, you can now select from high, medium, and low graphics quality options. This option offers users with slower internet speed or less reliable video cards to still enjoy the game with less lag experience.

After playing the Truck Loader games, I am sure you will also want to play some scary games. If that’s the case, visit scary maze game world and choose one of the games there. I must warn you – the games there are super scary, so be careful ! Truck Loader 5 is fun, but if you have courage – try playing some scary games as well. It’s even more fun at night !
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